Human beings are complex and can hold multiple identities that are equally important but not always simultaneously active.

Dr. Nathalie van Meurs is a Dr. (D.Phil Sussex University) in Cross Cultural Psychology whilst working for Shell International. A Dutch national, she moved to the UK in 1992 and completed her BA (Hons) Applied Psychology in 1996. She has travelled extensively and lived in the USA 1997-1998, whilst working for Randstad.

She is a Senior Lecturer in Cross Cultural Management at Middlesex University Business School in London. In her capacity as PhD and Masters supervisor, Research Leader for her department and Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) International Business, she advises students and staff on personal and professional development. Prior to this, she worked as a Research Fellow at the Open University, U.K. exploring (organisational) culture and Person-Organisation Fit. Before, she lectured Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Psychology and Empirical Methods at the University of Oxford Brookes.

She is an expert in intercultural interaction and identity, particularly related to wellbeing, person-environment congruence, cultural intelligence and cultural values. She has been working as a consultant for businesses and gets involved at grassroots level for Migrant English Project in Brighton.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss my counselling, research or consultancy work: n.van-meurs (at) mdx.ac.uk.

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