Work it Out

Physical wellbeing is as important as mental resilience and movements can enhance creativity. What type of movement works for any individual depends on what lifts their spirit and what they are physically able to do.

What is most important is to think back to when you were younger and what you enjoyed doing without someone asking you to do it. This may be riding your bike, jumping waves in the sea or kayaking, dancing, playing catch-me-if-you-can, jumping rope, hula hoop or a team sport like football.

I love walking my Rhodesian Ridgeback dog in the countryside. A favourite are sandy beaches. I focus on what I see and feel – the view, the wind.

I hula hoop.

Added to that, in the winter months or during lockdown, I jumped around on a trampoline. I love jumping! There are expensive variations or non-branded trampolines. This is an example of a video with Jeremy or a video with Fayth

To add strength and balance I do yoga. Again, there is a plethora of options for anyone. I happen to use the Ekhart Yoga platform. Esther Ekhart uploaded free yoga and meditation classes for the community.

Less execise, more mindset and sheer fun is sailing, archery and cycling – I have got my Competent Crew certificate and Archery diploma. Cycling is so ingrained in my DNA – I’m Dutch. When I was younger I was an avid rider on Icelandic horses. I recommend this near Reykjavik during a snow storm.


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