Human beings are complex and can hold multiple identities that are equally important but not always simultaneously active. Our world is an uncertain, volatile yet beautiful place and can be a challenge to navigate. It is a skill to negotiate this ambiguous world whilst balancing self-compassion and exploring life with abundance.

It is not easy to find our way without guidance. We need some tools to help us explore new territories or brave rough waters. Like any explorer, we all need a map, a barometer and compass to figure out our current position, where we are heading and be prepared for changes in our present condition.

If you feel you want advice from someone who is not a therapist but does know psychology and who has worked with professionals for over 25 years, then be invited to contact Dr. Nathalie van Meurs.

The approach is simple: We will make an assessment of your current position and assess what immediate challenges are on the horizon. We will then dive deeper and assess your core values – these are the guiding principles that drive our behaviour. It is important to evaluate who is in your circle of influence and introduce you to some useful tools to do your own asssessment of your community. We will explore what kind of mindfulness, meditation and psychological thinking can help you navigate this complex world more easily, keeping in mind that much of how we perceive the world is through culturally subjective lenses. We will complete the journey through metaphors of nature: your river of life and your current state of mind that, by this point, involves a different kind of blue sky thinking.

The process will take between six to ten sessions. Then it’s time to go forth with fair winds and following seas.

Contact: Dr. Nathalie van Meurs

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