Podcast: Polaris

I was a guest on the podcast hosted by Leyla Okhai, CEO of Diverse Minds. Leyla spoke to me about cross-cultural understanding at work and why it’s so important. Listen to the podcast here: Continue Reading Cross-Cultural Understanding at Work

I spoke to Andre, Zee and Lidia on Mind over Matter for students as part of Student Light.

In this episode we talk about the many factors that influence how we process and interpret the world around us, but more importantly how we can develop the skills needed to empower us to have more control over our emotional states. Or in other words, mind over matter.

Together with Dutch Ambassador Karel van Oosterom, Professor Ronald Fischer I spoke about cultural differences for the Dutch Academic Network in the UK. This video can be seen here.

On 21 May 2021, DANinUK organized this webinar on culture and cross-cultural differences, with a focus on differences between the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. We’d invited various international experts on the topics of culture, identity and psychology which led to a lively discussion from various perspectives.

Speakers: *Karel van Oosterom, Dutch Ambassador in the UK – opening speech *Prof Ronald Fischer, Professor in Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) – discussing the concept of culture and what makes us different yet the same *Dr Nathalie van Meurs, Cross-cultural Psychologist, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University, London (UK) – discussing cultural differences between the UK and the Netherlands

Q&A with expert panel: *Prof Anu Realo, Professor of Psychology, University of Warwick (UK) *Prof Anna Watts, Professor of Astrophysics, University of Amsterdam (NL) *Prof Moniek Tromp, Professor of Materials Chemistry, University of Groningen (NL) *Prof Rob van Deursen, Professor of Rehabilitation Science, Cardiff University (UK) *Maaike Esselaar, PhD candidate, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) This webinar was hosted by Dr Mark Schenk (University of Bristol, UK), and supported by University of Cardiff (UK).

Based on years of experience and consistent feedback, the knowledge on culture, values, identity, belonging, this VUCA world and how to navigate it is now available as podcast episodes.

The theme tune for Polaris is by Joris de Man, who is a two time Ivor Novello winning and Bafta nominated composer with 25 years of experience scoring for video games, animation, film, tv and commercials. See Joris de Man’s work here