The real luxuries

What is your score on *real* luxuries?

Mine is almost a solid 12. I am an educated time millionaire who loves learning, surrounded by great people. I work hard and am proud of what I do and I know how to recharge. I meditate (rather than nap) and I am grateful for the freedom of expression that I can enjoy (although vigilance of that luxury is paramount). Now some of these depend on the season – in summer long walks are also bike rides and surfing in the sea on Dickie Pearce wooden boards, which fit fun and play, as does dog walking, axe throwing and painting. “True happiness is the absence of the search for happiness” – Peter Crone
We need to change the narrative of what wealth is. We also need to change the pressure to perform – our work life but also hobbies, leisure time, wellbeing and parenting have become (social media) competitions.
Complexity of modern life invites us to share platforms and not be the omnipotent and omniscient CEO, consultant or entrepreneur. We thrive as interdependent individuals, part of communities – it takes a village to raise a child. That change in perspective is an enrichment of our immediate time and space from which the planet can benefit. Image via Extinction Rebellion #sustainability #decisionmaking #leadership

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