Nathalie van Meurs is curious about many things but not fanatical about anything. She is an experienced academic, author, and advisor with an expertise on navigating our complex but beautiful world. Presenter of the podcast Polaris. Co-founder and Secretary Dutch Academic Network in the UK. Founder of Mindfulness, Meditation & Psychology with 1000+ members. 

She’s a Dr. (D.Phil Sussex University) in Cross Cultural Psychology. For many years, she has studied and taught on topics like culture, globalisation, identity, decision making, negotiation and communication and leadership with students and collaborators. It became evident that these topics affected people in their professional and personal lives and that, although mastering theories, models and data are a must for academic degrees, to talk about them in a safe place is key to a better, communal world.

As a Senior Lecturer in Cross Cultural Management at Middlesex University Business School, she advises students and staff on personal and professional development. She worked as a Research Fellow for the HR department at the Open University, in the recruitment department for Shell International and as a recruiter for Randstad, Atlanta, USA. She has published academic articles and chapters in edited books. She writes novels about maverick women facing adversity. She is a student herself once again – enrolled in a Level 5 coaching diploma accredited by the EMCC Global.

The above, however, did not teach her as much as life itself, such as living abroad, extensive travel, the unexpected death of her father, her mother’s diagnosis of multiple myeloma and subsequent recovery, voluntary work in the community and being a part of a ‘modern’ family.

For coaching, collaborating on research, or consultancy enquiries, please get in touch via n.van-meurs (at) mdx.ac.uk.

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