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Long before an online conference became the norm be it due to COVID19 or because it’s healthier for the planet, Nathalie van Meurs organised an e-congress about negotiating identities. It is one example of her endeavours to bring together science and practice together and make it accessible to anyone. One of the key challenges for academics is to make their knowledge available to everyone. A key challenge for us as part of humanity is to use that knowledge and make the right decision for the greater community.

This e-congress was for researchers, students, people involved in policy work, social work, the community, and people who are interested in identities. The focus of the e-congress was to bring together people who study social identities and to add to the debates around the notion that some ethnic, religious, national and other social identities may be mutually exclusive. We aim to support people in thinking and moving beyond their and others’ social categorisation. This is achieved by the meeting of experts, which is accessible to the general public at no cost. Although the congress itself is now closed, you can still read the experts’ papers.


Steve Reicher from St Andrews University

Brian Klug from Oxford University

Kathryn Spellman from Syracuse University/ London Middle East Institute at SOAS


Ronald Fischer & Sammyh Khan from Victoria University Wellington Wellington, New Zealand

Charles Harb from American University Beirut, Lebanon

Catherine Lido from Thames Valley University

Muridan S. Widjojo from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Jakarta

David Beech, Director at The Leadership Organization Ltd, UK


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